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The goal of these events is to empower our audience to connect, share, and learn from each other. We see your passion points on social media and in your resources and we want to make sure we are shedding a light on the topics that are important to you.

We can’t change the recruiting landscape if we aren’t actively trying to reshape it!

Coaching Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Thursday, February 10th, 2022  •  11am EST


How do you coach recruiters and hiring managers?

Recruiters and hiring managers are like snowflakes. No, we don’t mean sensitive or egotistical and thinking they need a trophy just for participating. Snowflakes in the fact that no two are exactly alike. 

No two recruiters have the same process and no two hiring managers build their teams with the same aspirations – but there are some base level requirements they should all at least TRY to abide by.

Jo Weech is our next roundtable guest and we’re going full throttle on coaching, expectations, how candidates prep for interviews, and more!

Some key points we’ll cover:

  • How to coach your recruiters and hiring managers and get on the same page for the interview process
  • Every candidate gets coaching before an interview [whether it’s a parent, recruiter, friend, online tutorial] – how does that play out [and how does it affect diversity hiring]?
  • How and why teams should pool their skills so it’s a collaborative environment and empowers new employees joining the team

This is an open mic, open forum roundtable. No sales decks or pitches. Peer to peer conversations so we can all learn from [and with] each other.


Previous Roundtables: 

Candidate and Worker Engagement

Thursday, January 6th, 2022  •  11am EST

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What’s your best kept secret to candidate engagement?

Hint, there isn’t one and it’s time to get with the program. Your employees are intelligent human beings – so why do we treat them like they don’t understand what happens within our organization? 

Heidi Pancake joins the roundtable as our featured guest to talk all things candidate and worker engagement. Buckle up, we’re hitting some topics that will really make you think.

  • Parents aren’t teaching young adults how to be employees anymore
  • There’s no such thing as “secrets”, your employees are talking to each other, piecing things together, so talk TO them rather than allowing them to build the narrative
  • Accountability is kindness, how to set expectations and hold employees accountable

Join in to learn how you can be teachers and collaborators as opposed to decision makers and bosses. 

What should you expect?

We’ll start with introductions [short and sweet] then turn the spotlight onto Heidi. During the conversation everyone will have access to the chat with an open mic and [if you choose to have your video on] all participants can see each other.

There are NO sales decks involved. This is an open forum for everyone to interact, ask questions, and learn together.

2022 Recruiting Predictions

Tuesday, December 14th, 2021  • 11 am ET


Is the roundtable back?

The news cycle on workforce trends is like a revolving door – and its influence on candidate’s expectations and behavior is real. Hybrid work and remote options are top of mind for candidates, the service industry took a major hit, minimum wage is on the rise , and eCommerce jobs are growing in demand. What does this mean for the future of work? We decided to dive right in and round out the year by pulling out our crystal ball and giving our predictions for recruiting in 2022.

Our featured guest for our final roundtable of the year is Brian Fink, Senior Technical Recruiter at Twitter. Brian has seen his fair share of changes, trends, high and low points in the world of talent acquisition over the last 365 days and he’s sharing his insights, predictions, and even fears for the future of recruiting.

  • How will the Great Resignation (or the Great Realignment) roll into 2022?
  • What best practices are we leaving behind and what new ones are we using moving forward?
  • What companies should we keep an eye on and why? [Hint, Brian works for Twitter.]

Join in to give us your 2022 predictions and to let us know what you’re happy to leave behind in 2021. Remember – this is an open forum so everyone is able [and encouraged] to participate.

What should you expect?

We’ll start with introductions [short and sweet] then turn the spotlight onto our featured guest. During the conversation everyone will have access to the chat and [if you choose to have your video on] all participants can see each other.

There are NO sales decks involved. This is an open forum for everyone to interact, ask questions, and learn together.

How to Bring an Agile Mindset to Talent Acquisition

Thursday, August 19th 11 am ET

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This week on the Roundtable Jennifer Cotie Kangas, Director, Digital Experience and Talent Acquisition. Regis Corporation wants everyone to examine what we need to challenge the “that’s how we’ve always done it mentality.” She will share how to bring an agile mindset to talent acquisition that includes an active process of review and adjust in order to meet the candidates where they are and create conversion vehicles. While there may not be a universal blueprint for every organization Jennifer will walk everyone through the questions needed to achieve each organization’s individual goals. 

Jennifer will discuss “how” an employer communicates is at the intersection of “when” in communications with candidates. She’ll walk everyone through examples and leverage her experience in recruiting for over 6,600 salons. She’ll also share how she leveraged technology at the right place and the right time to expand her reach.

We will discuss:

    • What are some of the main principles of agile that should be brought to talent acquisition?
    • What is a “blueprint” and what is a “brochure” in talent acquisition?
    • How do you leverage technology to meet the candidates where they are?
    • How do you create a TA “go to market strategy” with check ins and pivot points?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

Talent Acquisition is Gone?
How do we match work and workers?

Thursday, August 12th 11 am ET

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Today, the half life of a skill is 18-36 months according to this week’s Roundtable Guest, Chris Havrilla, VP of HC Technology Research & Advisory, HC Ecosystems & Alliances at Deloitte Consulting. For Chris, the focus needs to change and be less about skills and more about human capabilities. She believes this, along with the shrinking workforce, no longer allows employers to “churn and burn” through talent.  For her, the goal must shift from accessing workers to how do I access work and experiences? How do I access talent at the right place and the right time?

Chris will share how this can be done at the intersection of internal talent mobility and accessing outside talent creating a dynamic environment with the goal to match work that needs to be done with workers. This new approach forces a shift from creating a “job” to looking at the employer’s workforce in its entirety in order to match skills with work that needs to be done then supplementing the workforce with additional talent at the right place and the right time to complete the work.

We will explore how the future of work will be divided into three distinct marketplaces- internal mobility, developmental and brokerage.  Chris will dive into how these marketplaces will be silo busters where talent acquisition, talent management, learning and development and workforce experience will all be intertwined.

We will discuss:

    • How do employers access work and experiences?
    • How does an employer create a framework that focuses on “the work” vs. a job?
    • What are the three marketplace approaches and how will these impact human capital roles in an organization?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

Google For Jobs Is Changing- What It Means For YOU!


Thursday, August 5th 11 am ET

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Earlier this month Google released new updates to their job posting guidelines that go into effect on October 1, 2021. In this week’s Roundtable we are going to break down what these new guidelines are, especially as it relates to the importance of leveraging native apply for your job postings. If you are not familiar with native apply then this Roundtable is for you.

Native Apply tools like Indeed Apply, Zip Apply or Native Apply experiences like Facebook Jobs reduce the friction by leveraging already stored candidate contact information and resume. By combining stored data with custom questions and/or a hosted application the candidate provides a complete application in the least number of steps.

As of October 1st Google will be looking for native apply experiences from employers. Google will be paying attention to who is and who is not providing a good job seeker apply experience. We will discuss the potential big winners and possible losers as this rolls out.

Job Boards will also be impacted by the new Google guidelines. We will look at the changes regarding advertising and other items on job posting landing pages that we anticipate will negatively impact a job board’s Google quality score. 

Get your organization ahead of the curve on this new roll out!

We will discuss:

    • What are the specific new Google job posting guidelines?
    • What do the new Google guidelines mean for some ATS apply experiences?
    • What elements on a job posting page will negatively impact your Google quality score?
    • What are the new do’s and don’ts for job posting dates?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

Get Beyond Good Intentions with DE&I

Thursday, July 29th 11 am ET

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In this week’s Roundtable we are going to learn how to “get beyond good intentions as it relates to diversity, equity and inclusion with this week’s guest Paul RubenstienVisier’s Chief People Officer,

Paul will talk about the importance of leveraging your data to create change. He will discuss the importance of connecting hiring practices to outcomes in order to meaningfully impact DE&I in an organization.

He will also walk everyone through the Open Heart, Open Book, Open Mind framework. This framework moves us away from relying on individuals ‘doing the right thing’ to connecting intention and accountability.

We will discuss:

  • How do you connect hiring practices to outcomes that meaningfully impact DE&I?
  • How can data shape everyone’s dialog around diversity, equity, and inclusion?
  • Are program investments changing outcomes?
  • Are spoken “good intentions” turning into actions?
  • Do we all have an objective view of the challenge?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

Innovation HR

Thursday, July 22nd 11 am ET

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Do you want to learn how to make your HR department an innovation leader in your organization? Do you want to understand how that innovation and strategic leadership can lead to the opportunity to focus on known critical or new critical talent pools? Join us on Thursday as Karin Wagner, Senior Director, Talent Transformation at UnitedHealth Group answers these questions and shares her insights on how you can create an innovative HR environment and then operationalize it. 

Karin will focus on how you can transform your current HR department to be a leader in innovation, creating new opportunities to drive the business and demonstrate the value of HR within your organization. She will also share how she has accomplished this herself in her own organization.

We will discuss:

  • What are the characteristics of an innovative HR organization?
  • Why is it important to operationalize innovation in HR? Is that even possible?
  • How do you build relationship capital in authentic ways?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

Evolution of Direct Sourcing

Thursday, July 15th 11 am ET

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This week at the Roundtable Thomas Jajeh, Chief Digital Officer at Randstad Sourceright, will talk about the evolution of direct sourcing. He will share how direct sourcing, when implemented right, can become a talent attraction engine for permanent and contingent talent.  

Thomas will share the opportunity in direct sourcing today, the importance of understanding your organization’s needs and the differences in direct sourcing programs. Thomas will also focus on how to keep your employer brand consistent and the role of talent marketing in a direct sourcing program.

We will discuss:

  • What is the role of talent marketing in a direct sourcing program?
  • How do you ensure employer brand consistency?
  • What fields are better or worse for direct sourcing?
  • Does DE&I play a role in your direct sourcing programs?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

Reduce Apply Friction Attract Quality Candidates

Thursday, July 1st 11 am ET

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On this week’s roundtable Mark Hornung will be talking about the importance of reducing your apply process and how this directly impacts recruiting quality candidates. Mark’s worked with some of the world’s largest brands, Coca-Cola, Raytheon, Apple, Bank of America and Lockheed Martin, on their recruitment campaigns and/or employer branding.

He’ll walk us through client case studies where they reduced the time to apply to less than five minutes and increased quality candidates.

Mark will share how we should be rethinking our approach from listing all of the job requirements up front to a job posting that is a conversation starter. He’ll also spend time talking about how to navigate larger organizations to meet the employer and hiring manager requirements while providing a streamlined experience to the job seeker.

We will discuss:

  • What is the ideal length for a job posting? Is there one, or do lengths vary, depending on the job?
  • What about the hiring manager who wants to screen out applicants by listing too many requirements?
  • How does an employer ensure that all candidates see the full scope of responsibilities so that they’re completely informed before they apply?
  • What about video job descriptions?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

Why Your Current D&I Initiatives Won’t Work

Thursday, June 24th 11 am ET

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Is D&I a core element of your business strategy? Is it part of your mission and values? On this week’s Roundtable Lisa Magill, Co-Founder & CEO Aleria, will challenge everyone to go deeper with their D&I strategy and focus on creating an inclusive culture in order to realize meaningful and lasting change. She’ll share a framework everyone can implement to quantify inclusion so you will not be focused on the wrong metrics and investing in areas that do not meaningfully impact change.

Lisa will also be bringing to the Roundtable one of her clients, AstraZeneca. They will share how implementing Aleria’s framework changed their focus from diversity to inclusion and in turn achieved inclusion that drives diversity and business performance.

We will discuss:

  • Why do organizations need to adopt an inclusion strategy not a diversity strategy?
  • How do you quantify inclusion?
  • What are the categories of inclusion?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

Recruiting Gen Z

Everything You Need To Know

Thursday, June 17th 11 am ET

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Join JobSync as we talk with Ben Siegel, Co-founder of Scholars and Lori Sylvia Founder & CEO, Rally who will share everything you need to know to recruit Gen Z. From video, podcasts to employee generated content on TikTok, Clubhouse and LinkedIn. We will cover it all!

We will also discuss why you need to develop a new recruiting strategy that is different from Boomers, Gen X and Millennials to attract and retain top Gen Z talent.

We will discuss:

  • What works best to get Gen Z’s attention?
  • How do you develop a Gen Z content strategy?
  • What companies are getting it right?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

The Data Is In: The State Of Job Advertising

Thursday, June 10h 11 am ET

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Join JobSync as we get an update from Cary Sparrow, Chief Executive Officer at Greenwich.HR, on the state of job advertising.  With job ads up over 50% YOY but finding workers is challenging.  Cary will discuss where the trends are headed and how you can leverage this data to give yourself a recruiting advantage in this post-Covid hiring world.

We will look at current job listing data trends and how to leverage these to hire locally, regional and nationally as well as discuss what you can expect in the upcoming months based on the current data trends.

We will discuss:

  • What is the current demand for workers as compared to pre-Covid?
  • What insights does the current unemployment data tell us?
  • What industries are still lagging behind pre-Covid job advertising levels?
  • What can we expect to see in the job advertising and unemployment data in upcoming months?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

How EVX Increases Candidates and Diversity

Thursday, June 3rd 11 am ET

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This week at the Roundtable we will be joined by Matthew Gilbert, Chief Creative Officer at Bayard Advertising who will be talking to us about why we should consider pivoting from Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to Employee Value Experience (EVX). Employee Value Proposition comes from the consumer product world where benefits and price are clearly defined. A career however is very different and should be treated as such according to Matthew which is why he developed the Employee Value Experience that “ unites the world views of the individual job seeker/employee and the enterprise” with a goal of authenticity.

Matthew will share how EVX done well will impact your recruiting by engaging with a diverse set of people who are excited to help your organization thrive because EVX “aligns goals, wants, hopes, aspirations, ambitions, and needs to opportunity, value, and objectives.”

We will discuss:

  • What is the difference between EVP and EVX?
  • What are the four core regions of EVX?
  • How does EVX remove bias?
  • What have been the results of organizations implementing EVX?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

Monetize HR

Thursday, May 20th 11 am ET

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This week on the roundtable we will be joined by Elisa Garn VP, Thought Leadership & Brand Marketing GBS Benefits, Inc. and Human Experience Evangelist.  She’s going to tackle one of the biggest challenges of our profession- the cost of HR.

Through the evolution of our profession, we’ve always been viewed as (expensive) overhead. But what if we could change that? Is there a way to monetize HR and talent functions to show profitability and even create a new revenue stream within your business? Elisa will share 2 separate examples of companies who have done just that.

We will discuss:

  • How do you elevate the role of HR within the business?
  • Does your department have its own P&L statement?
  • What is the value of creating collaborative cohorts within your area and/or industry?
  • What’s the most expensive function in recruiting?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

ReMarketing and Recruiting

Thursday, May 13th 11 am ET

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This week on the roundtable we will be joined by Shelley Billinghurst, President Hire Value Inc and the “Shelley” from the The Recruitment Flex with Serge and Shelley podcast and Renée Rust Manager, Recruitment at CEDA. Shelley and Renée will walk us through how they used remarketing to overcome CEDA’s recruiting challenges due to Covid.

Shelley and Renée will share with attendees how they were able to zero in on key local populations and deliver the right message at the right time in order to fill the season positions locally vs. the pre-Covid strategy of flying in outside workers. This strategy proved so effective that CEDA has re-thought their recruiting strategies as they plan for a post-Covid world. Their simple and effective approach has a number of cross applications for other industries.

We will discuss:

  • How did the Covid travel restrictions impact CEDA’s recruitment strategy?
  • How did CEDA leverage remarketing and competitive analysis to attract local talent?
  • How can other employers in other industries leverage a similar strategy?
  • What are the long term impacts CEDA anticipates from the change in this year’s recruitment strategy?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

Hiring Manager Intakes

Thursday, May 6th 11 am ET

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Hiring manager intake is a critical moment where talent teams can build trust or lose it. How do you assure hiring manager intake gets you the intel you really need to make the right hire? If you’re not sure, this roundtable is for you.

Join Kristina Minyard, founder of HRecruit LLC, and Katrina Kibben, CEO Three Ears Media to see their different takes on hiring manager intake and how that directly impacts your success.

They’ll be talking to us about the questions you have to ask every hiring manager every time, tactics that destroy trust, and how to translate those conversations into recruitment marketing content.

Leave this Roundtable with actionable takeaways to get your recruiting team and hiring managers working together seamlessly!

We will discuss:

  • What should a recruiter do when a hiring manager wants to skip the intake meeting and just send a job description to the recruiter?
  • Does every job posting require a hiring manager intake?
  • Recruiters often share that the hiring manager is holding up the recruiting process, how do we address that?
  • Who is responsible/accountable for making the right hire?
  • How often should we tweak recruitment marketing content during the process?

    As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

    Not Enough Candidates?
    Too Many Candidates?
    Take a Laugh Break With Us.

    Thursday, April 29th 11 am ET

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    So far this year 61% of recruiters report an increase in stress as well as 64% of job seekers reported an increase in stress over last year. Yes 2020, the year many want to forget!

    So how do we push through? We laugh. Yes. Laugh.

    This week on the Roundtable we will be joined by Global HR Leader, Victor Assad CEO, Victor Assad Strategic HR Consulting, Managing Partner of InnovationOne, and the author of Hack Recruiting and Comedian Kari Assad to talk about the importance of managing stress and how we can use humor as a bridge from where we are today to post pandemic recruiting. We are also going to touch on some of the overall benefits that humor can bring in the workplace by creating connectedness.

    As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation laughs.

    The Talent War Is Here

    How to win this summer with a Talent Mindset

    Thursday, April 22nd 11 am ET

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    This week on the JobSync Recruitment Marketing Roundtable we are focusing on what some say will be a Talent War this summer and how you can prepare according to our next guests, Michael Sarraille and George Randle, with having a Talent Mindset.

    Some are predicting this summer to be one of the most challenging moments to hire in recent times. If you aren’t planning and thinking about how you will be recruiting this summer then this may be the most well spent hour of your week!

    We will focus on why adopting a Talent Mindset is possibly the single greatest weapon in the war for talent. We will also discuss how organizations who reflect this mindset have talent acquisition teams that are unstoppable in attracting the best talent.

    Mike Sarraille is the CEO of EF Overwatchan executive search and talent advisory firm, and leadership consultant with Echelon Front. He is a former Recon Marine and retired US Navy SEAL officer with twenty years of experience in Special Operations, including the elite Joint Special Operations Command.

    George Randle is Managing Partner at the Talent War Group and the  Strategic Advisor to EF Overwatch, former US Army officer, and Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition at Forcepoint, a human-centric cybersecurity company. George has more than two decades of experience in talent acquisition at Fortune 100 and Fortune 1000 firms.

    Michael Sarraille and George Randle are also the authors of The Talent War, which explores how U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) assess, select, and develop their world-class talent. 

    We will discuss:

    • Are HR and talent acquisition teams properly structured for today’s business environment?
    • What is the Talent Mindset?
    • What is a company’s strongest competitive advantage?
    • Why is Special Operations so good at picking talent?
    • How businesses can thrive by focusing on talent?

    As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

    The Impact of the New SEC Human Capital Management Disclosure Requirements on Talent Acquisition

    Thursday, April 15th 11 am ET

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    Recently the The Securities and Exchange Commission has changed their disclosure requirements to include a new requirement that public companies disclose information about “human capital resources.” Overall there is a greater desire for transparency in workforce management and an understanding of the relationship between workforce management and bottom line growth. This includes disclosing information regarding the “attraction” of personnel.

    This week at the Roundtable Solange Charas, PhD., and Founder and CEO of HCMoneyball and Distinguished Principal Research Fellow at The Conference Board will walk everyone through what this means for those in Talent Acquisition at public companies and private companies.

    While many may think this new requirement only applies to public companies there are a number of members of Congress who are interested in and support the new SEC requirements. It is not a stretch to say this could lead to reporting requirements that affect businesses large and small, public and private.
    For those in private companies we will discuss how to prepare for what may come.

    We will discuss:

    • What are the new SEC reporting requirements as it relates to Talent Acquisition?
    • How are some companies tackling these requirements today?
    • What metrics should Talent Acquisitions professionals start tracking today?
    • What resources are available today for Talent Acquisition professionals to reference to navigate these changes?

    As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

    The Cost of Candidate Resentment

    Thursday, April 8th 11 am ET

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    With every application and every interaction with a candidate there is the potential to impact your brand positively or negatively. This week Kevin Grossman, Talent Board President of Global CandE Programs will join the Roundtable to discuss the cost of candidate resentment. Kevin will share what the data story was before Covid and how Covid has impacted candidate resentment.  The results are surprising!

    Kevin will also discuss how rejected candidates share their experiences with employers to others and how this can help or harm a brand.

    We will discuss:

    • What were the trends in candidate resentment pre-Covid? What are they today?
    • How can an employer measure the cost of candidate resentment?
    • How as Covid impacted employer’s perception of their recruiting process?
    • What are some ways employers can safe guard against candidate resentment?

    As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

    AI HR PARADOX- How AI Brings the Human Touch to Recruiting

    Thursday, April 1st 11 am ET

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    It is paradoxical that today, and more ways in the future, the foundation of delivering the human touch in recruiting is artificial intelligence. This week we will explore the AI HR Paradox with Ben Eubanks, principal analyst at Lighthouse Research and author of Artificial Intelligence for HR: Use AI to Support and Develop a Successful Workforce.

    Ben will discuss the overall benefits of AI and how HR leaders should be focused on leveraging AI to remove repetitive tasks and data analysis vs looking to AI as a total solution. He will also share what tasks are better suited for AI and what tasks should remain in human hands. 

    We will discuss how when done well AI should surface to recruiters the moments to take action resulting in a highly personalized and engaged human experience between job seeker and recruiter. 

    Ben will also share examples from global organizations that are getting this right today and what we can expect in the future.

    We will discuss:

    • What are the benefits of AI in recruiting?
    • How does AI improve the role of the recruiter?
    • How can AI improve the experience of the job seeker?
    • What human skills are irreplaceable?
    • What challenges can arise from AI?

    As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

    Bringing the Human to Recruitment Marketing

    Thursday, March 25th 11 am ET

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    Genuine connections are the way to engage people with your employer brand to create a positive experience according to Mitch Gerson, Principal at The Gerson Agency and one of our next featured guests. Mitch is an award winning marketer and will be sharing his perspective on the importance of the human element in recruitment marketing.

    “People are craving a genuine connection and relationships based upon trust, that make them feel special, heard and understood. They want to be part of a like-minded community that shares their beliefs and desires to be part of something bigger than day to day life.” says, Michael Kirsten, Owner, Human Marketing and former Director of Global Content Marketing for Kelly Services who will be joining Mitch in the Roundtable.

    Bringing the “human” to recruitment marketing is at the cornerstone of their belief. The only way to get through the noise and connect with the job seeker, especially the passive job seeker is to create a genuine connection. 

    We will discuss:

    • How do you find the channel of your audience?
    • How to pivot from promoting your brand to helping your audience?
    • How to talk in a way that resonates with your audience?
    • What can we learn from organizations that made a connection but did not deliver on their promise?

    As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

    Why You Need to Dazzle With Micro-Candidate Experiences

    Thursday, March 18th 11 am ET

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    What are micro-experiences? It’s simple- creating relevant and personalized moments between you, your organization and the candidate during the entire hiring experience. Our next featured guest, William Tincup, is coming to the Roundtable to talk about how to dazzle candidates with micro-candidate experiences.

    William is the President of RecruitingDaily. At the intersection of HR and technology, he’s a writer, speaker, advisor, consultant, investor, storyteller & teacher who believes in the importance of creating a personalized hiring experience and keeping recruiting and hiring human with micro-experiences.

    We will discuss:

    • Why are micro- experiences important?
    • What is the foundation of an effective micro-experience?
    • We all know the phrase “the customer is always right.” Is it also true that the candidate is always right? What does that look like in micro-experiences?
    • Why are micro-experiences particularly important to Gen Z?

    As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

    Virtual Reality and Recruiting?
    It’s a Thing!

    Thursday, March 11th 11 am ET

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    Today we ask- are you able to do a video call? According to our next featured guest we will soon be asking do you have an avatar?  Matt Burns, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, BentoHR joins the Roundtable to discuss the role virtual reality is playing and will be playing in recruiting. If you think this is years away– you’ll be surprised!

    We will discuss-

    • What role(s) can virtual reality play in the recruitment process?
    • Why is virtual reality seen by many as the ‘next generation’ of digital transformation technologies?
    • What use cases are most-compelling for virtual reality
    • What can recruiters do today to prepare their organizations and themselves for this innovation?

    As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation

    How to Support Frontline Managers

    Thursday, March 4th 11 am ET

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    In today’s world where people are wearing many hats in the workplace that isn’t more true than ever for today’s frontline managers.  They are responsible for managing their hourly workers, keeping an eye on the day to day sales or financials in the business and hiring.  These are not trained recruiters yet as a whole they are tasked with hiring 58% of the workforce. 

    Frontline managers are also onboarding and training many people on a daily and weekly basis.  Now also add onto their plate the add task of keeping all of their workers safe and following the new cleaning safety protocols and you have a plate that has run over!

    This week Quincy Valencia,Vice President – Product Innovation at AMS and Noel Webb Senior Vice President, Product Innovation at AMS will be joining us to talk about how organizations can better support frontline managers and reduce the friction for both the manager and the candidate. We will discuss simple ways organizations can support frontline managers work to ensure open jobs are filled and create a better experience for both the hiring manager and the job seeker.

    We will discuss-

    • What are some of the fundamental ways the talent acquisition team of larger organizations can support frontline managers? 
    • How can organizations make speed to hire faster for frontline managers?
    • How does automation play a role in helping frontline managers?
    • How can we improve the overall candidate experience for more than 50% of today’s workers with automation?

    As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

    How to Position Your Company as an Employer of Choice

    Thursday, February 25th 11 am ET

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    They say nothing shapes an employer brand as much as how a company shows up and takes action or drops the ball in the midst of difficult times.  If there was ever a moment that demanded empathy, transparency and action, it’s now.

    Joining us this week are Leslie Vickrey, CEO and Founder of ClearEdge Marketing, and Kim Pope, Chief Operating Officer at WilsonHCG, as they share what matters most (and the biggest surprises!) when it comes to being an employer of choice.

    They will also share some of the main findings from WilsonHCG’s 2021 Fortune 500 Employment Branding Report, as well as how some of the largest and most well-known organizations are leading the charge and never looking back.

    We will discuss:

    •  What are the new job seeker expectations and preferences when choosing to work for – and remain with – a company?
    • What are some of the top things you should be thinking about now to best position yourselves as an employer of choice?
    • What was “good enough” is no longer enough— what do employers need to change?

    As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

    The Automated Recruiter

    Thursday, February 18th 11 am ET

    Watch Here

    Are you ready? The automated recruiter is here. Over the next few years the recruiting function is going to change and you are going to need to change with it so says Futurist and founder and chairman of the Future of Talent InstituteKevin Wheeler and JobSync Recruitment Roundtable featured guest.

    For more than 25 years Kevin has been a consultant to global firms to help them develop leading edge talent acquisition, employee development, and talent management strategies. He is an advisor to several high-tech startups in the recruitment area and leads an annual Executive Retreat to explore future trends in human resources, talent management, leadership and work.

    Kevin will discuss the impact of the rise of artificial intelligence, automated tools, and the growth of RPOs on the day to day work done by recruiters. This trend has and will continue to have an immediate impact. Successful recruiters will change with these trends and help to redefine their role.

    Some questions we will discuss:

    • What requiting tasks will be fully automated in the near future?
    • What can recruiters do today to prepare their organizations and themselves for this change?
    • Should recruiters be the agent of automation change in their organization?
    • How can recruiters increase their value to their organization?

    As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

    Are You Sourcing From The Largest Talent Pool?

    Thursday, February 11th 11 am ET

    Watch Here

    If you aren’t sourcing women specifically then you are missing out on the largest talent pool especially women returning to the workforce.  Our next featured guests would also argue that you need a Fairygodboss. Yes, a Fairygodboss- someone who elevates women at work. And we are going to have three of them joining us to discuss what you can do today to attract more women to your organization and how to keep them there!  

    Romy Newman is the Co-founder and President of Fairygodboss, a business with the mission to improve the workplace for women everywhere. Prior to this Romy ran digital advertising sales and operations at The Wall Street Journal, and also worked in marketing at Google and Estee Lauder. Joining her will be Alison VorsatzSenior Enterprise Director at Fairygodboss. She empowers companies to promote their commitment to gender diversity, to transform their culture, to attract top female talent, and to move the dial in their diversity initiatives. Before Fairygodboss, Alison was a Managing Partner at Verizon Communications and led a female empowerment program across East and Southern Africa. Also joining is Melina Owusu, an entrepreneur and senior sales professional at Fairygodboss. Melina has been featured on Fairygodboss’s Black Women Leading the Way in Corporate America and Self Made Millennial’s YouTube Channel. In addition, Melina is the co-founder of Tidy and Organized Cleaning Services.

    We will discuss:

    • How did 2020 change the job search landscape for women?
    • Where do women primarily look for job opportunities?
    • What is most important to women in evaluating a job opportunity?
    • What role does an employer’s stance on gender and racial equality play in a woman’s job search process?

    As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

    Most Uncomfortable HR Conversation You Will Have This Year

    Thursday, February 4th 11 am ET

    Watch Here

    This week’s featured guests are Julie Sowash, Executive Director, Disability Solutions II Co-Host, Crazy and The King Podcast and Torin Ellis, Principal, Torin Ellis Brand Co-Host, Crazy and The King Podcast.  Are you ready?  Are you ready to go there?  They are.  And, they are bringing the most uncomfortable HR conversation you will have this year to the JobSync Recruitment Marketing Roundtable.

    It’s going to go something like this– do you know who your most efficient hire is?  It’s a white guy.  And, why is it a white guy? Because of implicit bias.

    What are you doing about implicit bias?  If you are doing nothing then you are complicit. Yes. Complicit.

    It’s time to wrestle with this– its time to ask yourself where you stand and then it’s time to do something about it.  Come and learn what needs to be done from Torin and Julie.

    As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

    How to Build Your HR Tech Stack with Candidate Experience in Mind

    Thursday, January 28th 11 am ET

    Watch Here

    Communication is everything!  So says our next guest Craig Fisher, Startup CEO Knack.io and Employer Brand Strategy Founder at TalentNet Media.

    Communication is also at the core of a great candidate experience.  Craig is going to walk everyone through how to build your HR Tech stack with candidate experience in mind.

    He’ll discuss how to avoid “scary ghosts” and communication blackouts.  Craig will focus on how a little bit of tech with a little bit of people is the foundation for adding automation to your candidate experience.

    As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

    What’s On Gerry’s Mind

    Thursday, January 21th 11 am ET

    Watch Here

    We are excited to have Gerry Crispin join us at the JobSync Recruitment Marketing Roundtable.  For those of you who may not be familiar with Gerry he is the founder of CareerXroads, a life-long student of Staffing and an author of countless articles and whitepapers on the evolution of staffing during a career in HR leadership that spans more than 40 years.

    Gerry has a wide range of experience from HR leadership positions at Johnson and Johnson; to boutique Executive Search firms; a Career Services Director at the university where he received his Engineering and two advanced degrees in Organizational/Industrial Behavior; and, GM of a major recruitment advertising firm.

    Gerry is often referred to as the Godfather of candidate experience!  Gerry’s going to share with everyone at the Roundtable the topics in recruiting that he is focused on right now- what keeps him up at night. 

    Gerry’s been rethinking solutions needed to address systemic bias and wants to learn a great deal more about how to proactively support peers and colleagues who aren’t the same size, shape, color, age, etc. etc. In effect, he thinks we all need to become better allies. He is concerned that we talk a lot about transparency without having the will to actually walk the talk.

    Gerry also wants to know what keeps you up at night!

    As in every Roundtable attendees are encouraged to participate and ask questions of our featured guests and as always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

    Employer Branding and How to Measure It

    Thursday, January 14th 11 am ET

    Register Here

    To start off 2021 we are talking all things employer branding with Workology founder Jessica Miller-Merrell. A lot has happened in the last 12 months- how has this impacted your employer brand? Did you navigate the ups and downs of the last year well?  Did you coast?  How well is your employer brand performing?

    More importantly we will focus on measurement!  Jessica will spend time talking about the key employer branding metrics everyone should be tracking and how they should be connected to business outcomes.  

    We will discuss:

    • What are the employer branding metrics senior leaders need?
    • How do we tie success in recruiting to business outcomes?
    • Why is NPS important and how to use it to obtain direct insights from your applicant pool?

    As always- No sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

    How to Become a Recruitment Marketer

    Thursday, December 17th 11 am ET

    Watch Here

    This week we are going to focus on how to become a Recruitment Marketer with one of the leaders in Recruitment Marketing, Lori Sylvia Founder & CEO – Rally Recruitment Marketing and former Chief Marketing Officer of SmashFly Technologies.  We’ll cover the basics of Recruitment Marketing- how to tell a companies story in a way that attracts qualified talent and retains existing employees as well as how to measure the effectiveness of Recruitment Marketing strategies and channels.

    We will discuss:

    • What is the difference between Recruitment and Recruitment Marketing?
    • What are the main skills set a successful Recruitment Marketer needs?
    • What tools are used by a successful Recruitment Marketer?
    • How can lean teams improve their Recruitment Marketing with a few simple initiatives?
    • How is Recruitment Marketing evolving?

    As always- No sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

    Evolution of Video In TA

    Transforming How You Hire Today and Post Covid

    Thursday, December 10th 11 am ET

    Watch Here 

    We have all seen the 2 minute overview videos of an organization. That’s where it all started but, today we are using video communication much like we use email. This year in many cases video has replaced in person meetings in the hiring process. Now that video is an essential communication tool it is time to take a moment and step back and look at it more strategically with this week’s featured guests Maury Hanigan, CEO SparcStart and Bram Tierie, Co-Founder at Flipbase.

    They will discuss-

    • How are employers using video in the apply process?
    • How can video messaging be an effective tool in the hiring process?
    • How do job seekers respond to the use of video in the interview process?
    • What are the biggest challenges and benefits of using video?

    If the only video tool you are using is zoom in the hiring process this Roundtable is for you! 

    As always- No sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.


    How to Navigate the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem

    Thursday, December 3rd 11 am ET

    Watch Here

    There are over 500 companies in the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem and with the ever present need to automate processes what is the best way to navigate the Ecosystem?  Join us at the JobSync Recruitment Marketing Roundtable this week as we talk with Jonathan Kestenbaum, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Talent Tech Labs as he gives us insights into the evolution of the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem and how to leverage it for your organization.

    We will discuss:

    • What are the biggest trends in TA Tech?
    • What is the most innovative technology and the most disruptive?
    • How to determine the right TA tech solutions for an organization?

    Talent Tech Labs annually researches the TA technology space and this year represents the 9th edition of the “TA Technology Ecosystem” highlighting platforms, tools, products, and areas of functional expertise organized by both hiring stage and sub-vertical.  Click here to access the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem.

    As always- No sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

    Cost Center No More!

    Learn how to measure the ROI of human capital and draw a solid line to business profits for 2021!

    Thursday, November 19th 11 am ET

    Watch Here

    Most companies invest 50% and 60% of gross profit into people! That’s an enormous expense and understanding how to calculate the economic value of these investments and the impact on profitability is a skill every practitioner should have.

    Join us on Thursday at 11am as we talk with Solange Charas, PhD., and Founder and CEO of HCMoneyball and Distinguished Principal Research Fellow at The Conference Board and learn the five human capital metrics related to a company’s financial performance. In other, words connecting human capital expenditures to EBITDA.

    We will discuss:

    • The math. How to calculate the five metrics.
    • Is there a positive or negative return on your company’s human capital investment?
    • Are the human capital expenditures advancing the company’s desired financial outcomes?
    • How do you demonstrate over time the impact of the economic value of human capital?

    Whether you are someone who is already a practitioner of connecting human capital outcomes to business outcomes, someone who is just getting their toes wet or someone who knows they need more measurement but do not know where to start- this round table is for you!

    As always- No sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

    The Future of Work- Robots, AI and Job Displacement

    Thursday, November 12th 11 am ET

    Watch Here

    As the robots rise, we are faced with the End of Jobs, but not in the way you might think…so says our next featured guest Jeff Wald, Founder of Work Market and author of  The End of Jobs: The Rise of On-Demand Workers and Agile Corporations.

    While this may seem more like the opener of the latest doomsday movie or sci-fi blockbuster, we are actually entering the fourth great leap forward in technology. Jeff will share with everyone his predictions on how this will impact the future of work and how we can look back at the last three industrial revolutions to can gain insight on what is to come. We will touch on-

    • What lessons from the past help us understand the future of work?
    • With the expectation of a 10-15% job loss how do we plan today for the retraining challenges of tomorrow?
    • How do we navigate our businesses and ourselves through this transition?

    As always- No sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

    HR Tech Conference Recap

    Thursday, November 5th 11 am ET

    Watch Here

    We will be discussing what’s hot and what’s not from this year’s HR Tech Conference with TalentRise’s SVP & Talent Consulting Practice Lead, Carl Kutsmode and Andrew Gadomski, Managing Director of Aspen Analytics.

    Get the run down of everything we are talking about from HR Tech week and things you may have missed!  Be sure to bring your what’s hot and what’s not list too!

    As always- No sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation!

    How to Play Talent Acquisition Moneyball

    Thursday, October 29th 11 am ET

    Watch Here

    Are you looking for A list team members but maybe you don’t have an A list budget?

    Or, are you losing your number one candidates to brands like Google, Amazon and Facebook because they have the cache and your organization is up and coming?

    Guess what?  You’re not going to win the talent playing their game. But, there is a way to get those candidates!  It’s as simple as Moneyball.

    On Thursday October 29 at 11am ET Jennifer FarrisChief People Officer at Terminal.io and Derek Sidebottom, Co-founder & President FarsideHR will join us at the Roundtable and share their talent acquisition Moneyball.

    They will show you how a few simple strategies can have you hitting TA homeruns in no time!

    You’ll come away with their top 9 strategies– one for every inning! 

    As always- No sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation and in this case a new way to play the game!

    New Technology: How Blockchain and AI Are Impacting HR

    Thursday, October 22th 11 am ET

    Watch Here

    Over the past few years our industry has seen an explosion of AI HR Tech solutions and now blockchain is also arriving on the HR Tech scene. We have brought to the Roundtable a panel of experts to discuss the impact of these technologies in recruiting and what is to come.

    • Will a major hire in the next 5 years be an AI auditor whose role it is to insure third party AI providers are meeting employer requirements?
    • Will JobSeekers prefer employers who provide a higher level of application security that only blockchain can provide?

    Join us to discuss these and more! As always- No sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

    Featured Guests:
    Nov Omana, Sr. HR Technology Expert & CEO/Founder of Collective HR Solutions, Inc wiith experience in the HR and Technology arena for over 40 years, he has assisted numerous companies in structuring their HR strategy and systems and was the winner of the IHRIM Summit award.

    Bobbe Baggio, Ph.D.,CEO of Advantage Learning Technologies, Inc. a company that provides programs, consulting and research for workplace learning. She is the author of five books and has consulted for The Federal Reserve Bank and companies like Pfizer, Novartis and Adobe.

    Dennis Hill, Ph.D President & Senior Solutions Architect, EXACTA Corporation who has been on the forefront of secure communications and blockchain as well as the inaugural chairperson of the global Consortium for Decentralized Human Resource (DeHR) promoting the Presidio Principles for data privacy developed by the World Economic Forum.

    How to Delete Bias From Your Job Description

    Thursday, October 15th 11 am ET

    Watch Here

    Job descriptions are the currency of recruiting.  We can’t hire without them!  On Thursday JobSync will be joined by Katrina Kibben CEO and Founder of Three Ears Media, a firm dedicated to teaching recruiters to be better communicators and writers.

    Katrina will discuss the key elements to writing an amazing unbiased job description.  She will focus on how job descriptions should be one part tactical, one part philosophical and explain how to create a structure for your job descriptions.  She’ll share how by focusing on this structure recruiters are able to attract talent consistently based on experience and not skills.

     Be sure to bring a description for a job you are struggling to fill or bring a job description you are currently writing.  We will have time to workshop your job description and talk about the best approach and tactics.

    As always- No sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation!

    How To Hire For Culture Add

    Thursday, October 8th 11 am ET

    Register Here

    Join JobSync as we talk with Cynthia Trivella, Managing Partner at TalentCultureCyndy has been recognized as one of the most influential people in the HR space by HRMarketer (Advos) the Huffington Post and HRExaminer. 

    She will share how hiring for “culture add” brings the game-changing innovative talent that organizations are looking for but often miss because of a focus on “culture fit.”

    Joining Cyndy will be Mark S. Babbitt, President and Senior Partner of WorqIQ, a community and change management consultancy that helps organizations from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies understand leadership’s impact on culture and their collective level of Workplace Intelligence (or WQ). 

    Mark is co-author of the best-seller A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive and was named one of Inc. Magazines Top 100 Leadership Speakers

    Together we will explore how “culture add” employees accentuate what already exists in the organizations culture and also adds a different dimension that was missing.

    Attendees will be able to share their own experiences focusing on hiring for culture add and ask questions live.

    No sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation!

    Job Aggregators Are Killing Your Candidate’s Experience

    Thursday, October 1st 11 am ET

    Watch Here

    Join JobSync as we talk with Graham Thornton, Co-Founder of Change State as he challenges attendees to be a “candidate for a day” and experience how job aggregators are killing your candidate’s experience. Graham will discuss the negative impact of how job aggregators scrape jobs and create a circle of jobs sending candidates from aggregator to aggregator never delivering the candidate to the employer and what can be done about it.

    Also joining the conversation is Amber Brown, Sr Manager of Recruiting Strategy and Marketing at TaskUs. Amber will be sharing her organization’s experiences with erroneous job posts from job aggregators and the impact it has on her candidates and recruiting efforts.

    Attendees will be able to share their own experiences with job aggregators and ask questions live.

    No sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation!

    The Power of Automation

    Thursday, September 24th 11 am ET

    Watch Here

    Join JobSync as we talk with Daniel Sines CEO and Founder, Traitify and Drew Austin CEO and Founder, Wade and Wendy as they take us on a journey exploring the power of automation in talent acquisition.  We will discuss how automation can be used to expand the capabilities of recruiters, while at the same time enhancing the candidate experience and making it more personal.

    From sharing curated content with candidates based on their unique personality traits, to intelligently building a pipeline of candidates for a position, attendees will learn:

    • How to create ongoing engagement.
    • How to focus a recruiter’s limited time.
    • What is on the forefront of these capabilities.

    Attendees will be able to share their own automation experiences and ask questions live.

    No sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation!

    Increasing the Quality of the Candidate Slate

    Thursday, September 17th 11 am EST

    Watch Here

    Join JobSync as we talk with Jeff Weidner,CEO of Popmix Media and former VP of Product Innovation at Monster about his technique to nurture and engage the highest quality candidates.

    Jeff will share how thinking like a marketer, focusing on nurturing sequences and developing a content calendar gives hiring managers a competitive advantage and increases quality candidates.

    He’ll be joined by Debra Yarnall, Talent Acquisition Sourcing Manager for HBO. Debra specializes in candidate generation, social media, advanced sourcing techniques and training.  She’ll share her experiences in creating nurturing campaigns that include:

    • Feedback from candidates
    • Various types of content
    • Multiple touch points over time

    All attendees will receive a copy of Jeff’s content calendar template and be able to ask questions live.

    No sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation!

    Making Recruiting More Human

    Thursday, September 10th 11 am EST

    Watch Here

    Join JobSync as we talk with Robin Schooling, Managing Partner at the Peridus Group and globally renowned speaker at HR and TA events as she reminds all of us that organizations are made of living, breathing human beings and each application represents a person.  We have the opportunity to impact people’s lives while also helping our organizations achieve their goals whether it is revenue, increased productivity or more market share and it is more important now than ever!

    We will also be joined by Janine Dennis, Chief Innovations Officer, Talent Think Innovation.  Janine has been featured by Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Black Enterprise and Ebony Magazines and has been named one of the Top 100 Most Social Human Resources Experts on Twitter by Huffington Post and one of 50+ Unstoppable Women in HR Tech by Clear Company.  With over 20 years in the HR space Janine focuses on challenging organizations to create a true value system for how they wish to employ people and then putting processes in place to really make sure that everybody has an equitable chance to be hired and to thrive.

    With all the pressures from having to do more with less, navigating uncharted hiring and work dynamics this is an opportunity to take 45 minutes and discuss how focusing on our humanness and being an advocate for a human approach to recruiting in many cases holds part of the solution to today’s challenges.

    Data Literacy for HR Professionals

    Thursday, August 27th 11 am EST

    Watch Here

    There is a misconception today that you need to be a data scientist and be working with AI or some other analytics tool to create HR measurements that connect to better HR practices and overall better business outcomes.  It’s simply not true.

    Join JobSync this week as we talk with Piyanka Jain, CEO Aryng and author of  “Behind Every Good Decision: How Anyone Can Use Business Analytics to Turn Data into Profitable Insight” and Victor Assad, CEO Victor Assad Strategic HR Consulting, Managing Partner of InnovationOne, and the author of “Hack Recruiting: The Best of Empirical Research, Method and Process, and Digitization.”

    Piyanka and Victor will discuss how simply with excel and some simple data sets, along the candidate funnel HR, practitoners can gain valuable insight into their hiring processes and be able to build the data foundation for connecting HR outcomes to business outcomes and why this is important.

    We’ll take the mystery out of more complex HR analytics, talk real world examples and invite all attendees to participate in the conversation.

    Agile Recruiting- How to Flex Your Team

    Thursday, August 20th 11 am EST

    Watch Here

    Join JobSync as we talk with Gayle Norton, Vice President, Client Solutions with Career Management Partners (CMP) about agile recruiting and how to flex your team. With more than 20 years of management, consulting, sales and recruitment industry experience, Gayle assists her clients through recruitment optimization and On-Demand recruiting to find the top talent needed to drive business and gain a competitive advantage.

    Gayle will discuss how the agile principles of adaptive planning and flexible responses to change can be applied to talent acquisition to drive better business outcomes. She’ll be joined by Shawn Fitzgerald, Regional Leader at Alright Solutions, former Executive Director Human Resources Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and former client who will share her experiences with implementing an agile recruiting solution.

    Learn the benefits of being able to flex your recruiting resources to meet changing needs and why leveraging an agile approach can have a direct line to impacting the bottom line of an organization.

    We’ll talk real world examples and invite all attendees to participate in the conversation.

    Candidate Ghosting In A Pandemic???

    Thursday, August 13th 11 am EST

    Watch Here

    Join JobSync as we talk with Author, Speaker & Facilitator, The Searchologist, Katrina Collier about Candidate Ghosting In A Pandemic.

    Katrina will talk about how candidates really search for a job and why ghosting a candidate can really hurt your brand. There’s a better way!

    Learn what candidates can find out about you before they even submit an application and what you can do to be more appealing to your ideal candidate.

    We’ll talk real world examples and invite all attendees to participate in the conversation.

    Candidate Processing???
    You’re not doing it right!

    Thursday, August 6th 11 am EST

    Watch Here

    Join JobSync as we talk with Recruitment Advisor, John Salt about how to bring dignity back to the candidate experience.

    If you are still thinking about the candidate experience as “processing” come and learn from John the former Managing Director for CV Library and leader at Total Jobs with over 20 years in the recruiting space about how to better approach the candidate experience. 

    We’ll talk real world examples and invite all attendees to participate in the conversation.

    Hire From Anywhere- Learn why and how to start!

    Thursday, July 30th 11 am EST

    Watch Here

    Join JobSync as we partner with Globalization Partners and Alchemy Global Talent to bring to the Recruitment Marketing Round Table how to Hire From Anywhere.

    Why is now the best time to remove location based hiring? What are the benefits? What are some of the best ways to approach hiring from anywhere? We’ll talk with Leah Cowperthwaite, Strategic Partner Manager at Globalization Partners and Tiffany Parradine Associate Director, Alchemy Global Talent. We’ll talk real world examples and discuss how organizations are taking advantage of a global talent pool to re-imagine recruiting and solve for today’s recruiting challenges.

    Creating an Authentic Work Environment

    Thursday, July 23rd, 11 am EST

    Watch Here

    Join JobSync as we partner with TalVista to bring to the Round Table a panel of guests to discuss how we can create an authentic work environment.

    Are all employees bringing their authentic and best self into the workplace? What is a company’s responsibility to create an environment where people do not feel the need to code switch? How can we be an ally to employees who feel the need to code switch?

    Scot Sessions, CEO, TalVista
    Stephanie Wemusa, VP, Diversity & Inclusion, TalVista
    Keirsten Greggs, Founder, Trap Recruiter
    Paul Rubenstein, Chief People Officer, Visier Inc.

    Moderated By:
    Amy Warren, VP Marketing, JobSync

    Re-imagine Recruiting Communication

    Thursday, July 16th, 11 am EST

    Watch Here

    Join JobSync as we talk with Mike Seidle, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, WorkHere and Karl Ahlrichs Senior Consultant, Gregory & Appel about re-imaging recruitment communication.

    With today’s social distancing challenges and the need to hire at scale or manage an influx of candidates thinking about ways to streamline and automate communication in the recruitment process while also keeping the personal connection is key.

    We’ll talk real world client examples and discuss how organizations are leveraging text and other types of communication at scale to solve for today’s recruiting challenges.

    The Hiring Problem Has Not Changed: Covid Didn’t Solve the Skills Shortage

    Thursday, July 9th, 11 am EST

    Watch Here

    Join JobSync as we talk with Ira Wolfe, President, Success Performance Solutions. Ira is ranked by Thinkers360 as the #1 Global Thought Leader and Influencer in Future of Work category and #3 in HR about how the hiring problem has not changed.

    There may be 40M laid off but the skills gap didn’t change and in many cases it may be worse.

    From restaurant workers who need to learn a different level of sanitation skills to the technical skills required for a more remote workforce Ira Wolf will talk about the current hiring and skills gap challenges and how employers can meet them head on.

    Navigating your HR Tech Stack to Meet Today’s Rapidly Changing Covid World

    Thursday, June 25th, 11 am EST

    Watch Here

    Join JobSync as we talk with Carl Kutsmode, SVP Talent Consulting at TalentRise about how to implement small changes that can have big results in your HR Tech Stack.

    Everyone had to make quick decisions 3 months ago and are continuing to adjust as Covid impacts HR. Now is the time to review those decisions and your current HR tech stack to insure you are making the best of the tools that you have as well as meeting your current and future needs.

    Carl will guide attendees through what’s working and what’s not. Where do you need to fine tune things? Are certain parts of your business going to continue to be virtual? How do you effectively lead permanent virtual teams? What’s the best HR tech stack to support it all?

    ***All attendees will be given access to TalentRise’s FREE Gap Assessment.

    The Data Is In: The Covid Impact On Job Listings

    How to Use Job Listing Data to Understand the Impact of Covid in a Region, Industry or Job Type to Gain a Competitive Recruiting Advantage.

    Thursday, June 18th, 11 am EST

    Watch Here

    Join JobSync as we talk with Cary Sparrow, Chief Executive Officer at Greenwich.HR, about how job listings have been impacted in the last three months and how you can leverage this data to give yourself a recruiting advantage in this new Covid hiring world.

    We’ll look at current job listing data trends and how to leverage this to hire locally, regional and nationally as well as discuss what you can expect in the upcoming months based on the current data trends.

    ***All attendees will be given a link for free access Greenwich.HR’s Daily Covid HR Tracking tool.

    Leveraging Facebook Organic In A Covid World For Recruitment

    Thursday, June 1th, 11 am EST

    Watch Here

    Join JobSync as we talk with Alexandra Anema, Social Media Director at Bayard Advertising, about how she is leveraging Facebook organic in this new Covid hiring world.

    We’ll talk real world examples, how companies needing to scale hiring are making Facebook their second source of hires and how companies with hard to fill positions are finding qualified candidates on Facebook, shortening hiring timelines and reducing their overall CPA.

    What is the JobSync Recruitment Marketing Roundtable?

    We Leverage Our Partners and Contacts For You!

    Moderated by JobSync VP of Marketing and one of the JobSync Co-Founders, Amy Warren, we bring to the recruitment marketing community our partners and contacts to foster and create a co-learning experience. 

    The first 15 minutes consists of introductions and introductory questions and then the participants take it from there asking their questions to the guest and sharing their own real-world experiences.  Everyone turns their video on, everyone has access to chat with one another as we all work together to bring the best of the best to recruitment marketing. 

    Come ask your questions in our Roundtable! No sales pitches. No boring presentations Just good conversations!

    Our goal is to create a space where HR Leaders, Practitioners, TA Tech Providers and Consultants can discuss the present and future of recruiting while helping to foster a conversation around connecting HR activities to business outcomes.



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