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The Hiring Problem Has Not Changed: Covid Didn’t Solve the Skills Shortage

Thursday, July 9th, 11 am EST

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Join JobSync as we talk with Ira Wolfe, President, Success Performance Solutions. Ira is ranked by Thinkers360 as the #1 Global Thought Leader and Influencer in Future of Work category and #3 in HR about how the hiring problem has not changed.

There may be 40M laid off but the skills gap didn’t change and in many cases it may be worse.

From restaurant workers who need to learn a different level of sanitation skills to the technical skills required for a more remote workforce Ira Wolf will talk about the current hiring and skills gap challenges and how employers can meet them head on.

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Navigating your HR Tech Stack to Meet Today’s Rapidly Changing Covid World

Thursday, June 25th, 11 am EST

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Join JobSync as we talk with Carl Kutsmode, SVP Talent Consulting at TalentRise about how to implement small changes that can have big results in your HR Tech Stack.

Everyone had to make quick decisions 3 months ago and are continuing to adjust as Covid impacts HR. Now is the time to review those decisions and your current HR tech stack to insure you are making the best of the tools that you have as well as meeting your current and future needs.

Carl will guide attendees through what’s working and what’s not. Where do you need to fine tune things? Are certain parts of your business going to continue to be virtual? How do you effectively lead permanent virtual teams? What’s the best HR tech stack to support it all?

***All attendees will be given access to TalentRise’s FREE Gap Assessment.

The Data Is In: The Covid Impact On Job Listings

How to Use Job Listing Data to Understand the Impact of Covid in a Region, Industry or Job Type to Gain a Competitive Recruiting Advantage.

Thursday, June 18th, 11 am EST

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Join JobSync as we talk with Cary Sparrow, Chief Executive Officer at Greenwich.HR, about how job listings have been impacted in the last three months and how you can leverage this data to give yourself a recruiting advantage in this new Covid hiring world.

We’ll look at current job listing data trends and how to leverage this to hire locally, regional and nationally as well as discuss what you can expect in the upcoming months based on the current data trends.

***All attendees will be given a link for free access Greenwich.HR’s Daily Covid HR Tracking tool.

Leveraging Facebook Organic In A Covid World For Recruitment

Thursday, June 1th, 11 am EST

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Join JobSync as we talk with Alexandra Anema, Social Media Director at Bayard Advertising, about how she is leveraging Facebook organic in this new Covid hiring world.

We’ll talk real world examples, how companies needing to scale hiring are making Facebook their second source of hires and how companies with hard to fill positions are finding qualified candidates on Facebook, shortening hiring timelines and reducing their overall CPA.

What Is The Recruitment Marketing Round Table?

We Leverage Our Partners and Contacts For You!

Moderated by JobSync VP of Marketing and one of the JobSync Co-Founders, Amy Warren, we bring to the recruitment marketing community our partners and contacts to foster and create a co-learning experience. 

The first 15 minutes consists of introductions and introductory questions and then the participants take it from there asking their questions to the guest and sharing their own real-world experiences.  Everyone turns their video on, everyone has access to chat with one another as we all work together to bring the best of the best to recruitment marketing. 


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