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  • Find More Qualified Candidates: JobSync reduces friction by bringing the application to the candidate generating more quality applicants.

  • Increase Speed to Hire: JobSync removes needless steps in the sourcing process and delivers complete applicant data where you need it the most allowing employers to reduce recruiter time and accelerate time to hire.

  • Reduce Costs:  JobSync clients realize up to a 50% decrease in CPA and reduction in operational hours enabling recruiters to stay in the ATS and focus on the most qualified applicants.

With JobSync candidates provide a complete application on the job site, applicant data is securely delivered to your ATS, CRM and can be synced with other hiring systems you use. No more applications via email or instant messenger, no more CSV exports and out of sync processes!

Affordable. Fast set-up. No long-term commitments.

JobSync’s Award Winning Solution can help you and your company maximize the ROI from your Recruitment Advertising programs. Employers have achieved 475% ROI. You can too!

JobSync Receives TalentCulture’s HR Tech Award

JobSync, an HR Tech Start-up focused on creating a simple, seamless, and secure hiring experience, has been recognized as an HR Tech Awards winner by TalentCulture. Joining JobSync is a distinguished group of award winners which includes Indeed, N-A-S and Eightfold AI.

“It is extremely rewarding to be recognized by the team at TalentCulture for the work we are doing, and the vision we have to help connect the hiring systems used by Talent Acquisition. Core to our principles is to create better experiences for all of the stakeholders in the Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem, all of which starts with a better candidate experience,” said Alex Murphy, JobSync’s CEO.