The Cost of Candidate Resentment

Thursday, April 8th, 11 am EDT

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With every application and every interaction with a candidate there is the potential to impact your brand positively or negatively. This week Kevin Grossman, Talent Board President of Global CandE Programs will join the Roundtable to discuss the cost of candidate resentment. Kevin will share what the data story was before Covid and how Covid has impacted candidate resentment.  The results are surprising!

Kevin will also discuss how rejected candidates share their experiences with employers to others and how this can help or harm a brand.

We will discuss:

  • What were the trends in candidate resentment pre-Covid? What are they today?
  • How can an employer can measure the cost of candidate resentment?
  • How as Covid impacted employer’s perception of their recruiting process?
  • What are some ways employers can safe guard against candidate resentment?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

Kevin Grossman

Kevin Grossman


Kevin is the President of the Talent Board and a board member responsible for the Candidate Experience Awards worldwide. Founded in 2011, the Talent Board is the first nonprofit research organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience with industry benchmarks that highlight accountability, fairness and business impact. Kevin also hosts the popular Talent Board #TheCandEs Shop Talk podcast that covers recruiting and candidate experience.

As an HCI certified Talent Acquisition Strategist (TAS) and Human Capital Strategist, Kevin has 20 years of domain expertise in the human resource and talent acquisition industry and related technology marketplace. He’s been a prolific “HR business” blogger and writer since 2004 and his first business book on career management titled ‘Tech Job Hunt Handbook’ was released in December 2012 from Apress. He hold a B.A. in Psychology from San Jose State University.

Kevin is also the current chair of the City of Santa Cruz Commission for the Prevention of Violence (CPVAW), with a mission to end sexual assault, sexual harassment, and domestic violence in the City of Santa Cruz through prevention, programs, and public policy. An avid reader, a grateful father and husband, he writes regularly about responsible parenting and personal leadership at GetOffTheGround.blogspot.com.

Amy Warren

Amy Warren

Moderator and Vice President of Marketing and Co-Founder, JobSync

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