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Thursday, July 1st, 11 am EDT

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On this week’s roundtable Mark Hornung will be talking about the importance of reducing your apply process and how this directly impacts recruiting quality candidates. Mark’s worked with some of the world’s largest brands, Coca-Cola, Raytheon, Apple, Bank of America and Lockheed Martin, on their recruitment campaigns and/or employer branding.

He’ll walk us through client case studies where they reduced the time to apply to less than five minutes and increased quality candidates.

Mark will share how we should be rethinking our approach from listing all of the job requirements up front to a job posting that is a conversation starter. He’ll also spend time talking about how to navigate larger organizations to meet the employer and hiring manager requirements while providing a streamlined experience to the job seeker.

We will discuss:

    • What is the ideal length for a job posting? Is there one, or do lengths vary, depending on the job?
    • What about the hiring manager who wants to screen out applicants by listing too many requirements?
    • How does an employer ensure that all candidates see the full scope of responsibilities so that they’re completely informed before they apply?
    • What about video job descriptions?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

Mark Hornung

Mark Hornung

Principal Consultant, MBrandSF

Mark Hornung is a thought-leader on employer brands, recruitment marketing, and social media recruiting. He began his career as an award-winning advertising copywriter and creative director, developing recruitment campaigns for Apple, Lockheed Martin, Bank of America, and other clients. He became regional partner for JWT Inside and discovered the world of brands and brand research. He later worked for Bernard Hodes Group as employer brand consultant to clients such as Cisco, General Mills, Coca-Cola, Raytheon, Kia Motors, Clorox, and other employers. Mark joined Informatica as Global Manager of Employer Branding in 2015, where he launched a worldwide employee ambassador social media campaign that garnered 100 million page views in nine months. He was recruited to join data analytics leader Teradata in 2017, where he supervised the overhaul of the company’s global employer brand and recruitment marketing infrastructure. Today, he is a consultant doing business as MBrandSF (em-brand-ess-eff), working with health insurer Blue Shield of California and healthcare start-up Altais.

Mark lives in Half Moon Bay, California, about 30 miles south of San Francisco, and is an unrepentant car enthusiast and continuously improving barbecue chef.

Amy Warren

Amy Warren

Moderator and Vice President of Marketing and Co-Founder, JobSync

What is the JobSync Recruitment Marketing Roundtable?

We Leverage Our Partners and Contacts For You!

Moderated by JobSync VP of Marketing and one of the JobSync Co-Founders, Amy Warren, we bring to the recruitment marketing community our partners and contacts to foster and create a co-learning experience. 

The first 15 minutes consists of introductions and introductory questions and then the participants take it from there asking their questions to the guest and sharing their own real-world experiences.  Everyone turns their video on, everyone has access to chat with one another as we all work together to bring the best of the best to recruitment marketing. 

Come ask your questions in our Roundtable! No sales pitches. No boring presentations Just good conversations!

Our goal is to create a space where HR Leaders, Practitioners, TA Tech Providers and Consultants can discuss the present and future of recruiting while helping to foster a conversation around connecting HR activities to business outcomes.



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