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Thursday, July 22nd, 11 am EDT

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Do you want to learn how to make your HR department an innovation leader in your organization? Do you want to understand how that innovation and strategic leadership can lead to the opportunity to focus on known critical or new critical talent pools? Join us on Thursday as Karin Wagner, Senior Director, Talent Transformation at UnitedHealth Group answers these questions and shares her insights on how you can create an innovative HR environment and then operationalize it. 

Karin will focus on how you can transform your current HR department to be a leader in innovation, creating new opportunities to drive the business and demonstrate the value of HR within your organization. She will also share how she has accomplished this herself in her own organization.

We will discuss:

  • What are the characteristics of an innovative HR organization?
  • Why is it important to operationalize innovation in HR? Is that even possible?
  • How do you build relationship capital in authentic ways?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.

Karin Wagner

Karin Wagner

Senior Director, Talent Transformation UnitedHealth Group

With over 10 years leading high volume Talent Acquisition at United Healthcare Karin is now at the fore front of talent transformation at United Healthcare. With over 20 years in talent acquisition and recruiting Karin brings hands on experience that informs her ability to drive innovation in HR.

Amy Warren

Amy Warren

Moderator and Vice President of Marketing and Co-Founder, JobSync

What is the JobSync Recruitment Marketing Roundtable?

We Leverage Our Partners and Contacts For You!

Moderated by JobSync VP of Marketing and one of the JobSync Co-Founders, Amy Warren, we bring to the recruitment marketing community our partners and contacts to foster and create a co-learning experience. 

The first 15 minutes consists of introductions and introductory questions and then the participants take it from there asking their questions to the guest and sharing their own real-world experiences.  Everyone turns their video on, everyone has access to chat with one another as we all work together to bring the best of the best to recruitment marketing. 

Come ask your questions in our Roundtable! No sales pitches. No boring presentations Just good conversations!

Our goal is to create a space where HR Leaders, Practitioners, TA Tech Providers and Consultants can discuss the present and future of recruiting while helping to foster a conversation around connecting HR activities to business outcomes.



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