Navigating your HR Tech Stack to Meet Today’s Rapidly Changing Covid World

by | Jun 26, 2020

Join JobSync as we talk with Carl Kutsmode, SVP Talent Consulting at TalentRise about how to implement small changes that can have big results in your HR Tech Stack.

Everyone had to make quick decisions 3 months ago and are continuing to adjust as Covid impacts HR. Now is the time to review those decisions and your current HR tech stack to insure you are making the best of the tools that you have as well as meeting your current and future needs.

Carl will guide attendees through what’s working and what’s not. Where do you need to fine tune things? Are certain parts of your business going to continue to be virtual? How do you effectively lead permanent virtual teams? What’s the best HR tech stack to support it all?

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Job Aggregators- Friend or Foe?

Job Aggregators- Friend or Foe?

There are increasing stories, however, of job aggregators distorting the job posting, not digitally forwarding the candidate’s applications to the job board, or, when contracted directly with the recruiter, not forwarding the job application directly to the recruiter’s applicant tracking system.