How Amazon Impacted Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

by | Aug 3, 2020

Did you know Amazon.com’s 1-click payment solution changed more than shopping and has impacted your talent acquisition strategy?

Amazon’s 1-click solution is so powerful because it reduces friction in the shopping experience.  Before Amazon invented 1-click payments they had a huge problem with people abandoning their carts.  This was their solution.  People have become so accustom to 1-click payments that they look for a similar experience in all that they do online.

Now think about your job listings.  What’s your completion rate?  How many applicants go to your job description page but never start or complete the application?  That’s the recruiter’s abandoned cart.  Now think about your apply experience.

There is a lot of friction in the apply process and one of the questions all talent acquisition leaders should be focused on is:

How do I reduce application friction?

The most qualified candidates are the most impacted by friction.  While you may be receiving a large volume of applicants right now chances are the % of quality applicants is more than likely the same.  If you are not automating the top of the funnel and keeping candidates on the job site to collect a complete application into your ATS then you are increasing friction and decreasing the opportunity to capture more quality applicants.

More than likely the best candidate for your job is employed and they are busy.  When your job comes up in their email or their social feed chances are they are not going to complete a 20 step application on their mobile device that includes a login creation for your ATS.

The best way to avoid this is to keep the candidate on the job site and expand the native apply experience to include the entire application.  Yes, knock-out questions, custom questions and even EEO compliance and E-signature all captured on  job sites like Indeed, Monster and social sites like Facebook.

This approach decreases friction and automates the top of the funnel.  Not only are you able to increase quality applies but focus time on those applications and not the 100s of other applies that are either not qualified or not the best applicant for the job because all of the applications are delivered directly into your ATS candidate workflow.  How? 

The answer is surprisingly simple.

Integrate your jobs JobSync.  JobSync leverages the native apply solutions that are available on job sites, like Indeed Apply, and social sites, like Facebook, and expands their capabilities to include custom questions, EEO compliance, e-signature and knock-out questions.  Then JobSync builds the data connections and sends the complete application into your ATS, CRM or other applications in your HR tech stack.  This includes integrations with popular programmatic platforms.  Wherever you need complete application data to go that gets the candidate to the next step in your process JobSync can deliver it for you.

The results are impressive.

JobSync clients reduce CPAs by as much as 50%, increase quality candidates and reduce time to hire.  JobSync also reduces operational hours by allowing recruiters to focus on the most qualified applicants.

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The Great Migration?

The Great Migration?

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The Truth Behind The Biggest Native Apply Myths

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