Hire From Anywhere

by | Jul 30, 2020

Join JobSync as we partner with Globalization Partners and Alchemy Global Talent to bring to the Recruitment Marketing Round Table how to Hire From Anywhere.

Why is now the best time to remove location based hiring? What are the benefits? What are some of the best ways to approach hiring from anywhere?

We’ll talk with Leah Cowperthwaite, Strategic Partner Manager at Globalization Partners and Tiffany Parradine Associate Director, Alchemy Global Talent. We’ll talk real world examples and discuss how organizations are taking advantage of a global talent pool to re-imagine recruiting and solve for today’s recruiting challenges.

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Job Aggregators- Friend or Foe?

Job Aggregators- Friend or Foe?

There are increasing stories, however, of job aggregators distorting the job posting, not digitally forwarding the candidate’s applications to the job board, or, when contracted directly with the recruiter, not forwarding the job application directly to the recruiter’s applicant tracking system.