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Full Applications

Some sites want you to use their profiles or information.  Many times this can be incomplete.  JobSync automatically requests the candidate’s resume and automatically adds it to their profile in your ATS.

EEO Compliance

We have found that EEO compliance isn’t always supported.  We have also run into instances where it can not be customized or added to in order to meet a company’s specific requirements.  We have solved this problem and give employers a customizable EEO request for candidates that syncs automatically with the candidates profile in your ATS.

Set it and Forget it

The sign-up process for JobSync takes 5 minutes or less.  Once completed everything is managed from your ATS.  All of your jobs across your selected sites are updated automatically.

More Exposure

We extend your ATS’ reach to allow you to get more exposure for your jobs and reach more potential candidates.  Schedule an overview call below to learn more!