The Benefits of Integrating Your ATS with Native Apply 

By using native apply tools you can increase quality passive candidate applications by 88%. Typically an increase in native apply applications creates more manual work. With an ATS, however, the process is streamlined and all application information is funneled into one system without any manual data entry.  JobSync, enables this function in most ATSs.

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Increase Passive Candidate Applications By as much as 88%

Unemployment rates are the lowest they have been in years and, for the first time in a long time, we're living in a candidate's market.  No longer are the best candidates eagerly applying for open positions hoping to land a great gig. They are sitting in their offices...

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Secrets to Employee Motivation You Need To Know

Employee motivation is a hot topic today among HR managers and business executives. Research shows that when employees are happy and motivated in their work, everything else within a company seems to improve as well.  Because there are so many possibilities for...

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The Rise of Facebook as a Job Acquisition Strategy

How the Social Media Platform is Stepping Up Its Game To Help Businesses Attract Qualified Candidates Over the past few decades, strategies for job acquisition have gone through a series of rapid transformation that has completely changed the way companies search for...

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Amazonification Of Job Boards

If you are not familiar with native apply it is leveraging the apply tools native to a particular site that provides candidates with a one-click and done apply experience.  Native apply tools remove the friction many times involved in the application process and...

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