The 5 Best Benefits of Recruitment Automation

23 days. That’s the average length of the hiring process in the US. During that time, recruiters must sift through applications, decide who to interview, conduct multiple interviews, and extend an offer. When hiring at scale, such a process becomes unmanageable...

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How Native Apply Improves The Employee Experience

In recent years, the employee experience has climbed to the top of HR managers' priority lists, and for a good reason. Not only does an improved employee experience mean that employees are happier in their jobs, but it also means that the companies they work for are...

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Case Studies

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Pod Casts

FIRING SQUAD: Jobsync’s Alex Murphy

Listen Here! Chad: Talroo was focused on predicting, optimizing, and delivering talent directly to your email or ATS. Joel: So it's totally data-driven talent attraction, which means the Talroo platform enables recruiters to reach the right talent at the right time...