Are You Ready to Re-Imagine Recruiting?

by | May 6, 2020

While we are all still wrapping our heads around the impact social distancing has had on every facet of life we now need to start planning for “undistancing” ourselves. Weeks ago, those of us in HR and recruiting were focused on hiring in a job seekers world.  Now, we are facing hiring in a Covid world.  To take from Gov. Cuomo it’s not about reopening it’s about reimagining your workplace

Here’s what our partners and clients are thinking about and what you can do today!

There’s no roadmap for this, there are no best practices. Over the last month we have been talking to many of our clients and partners about this challenge and there are some key themes that have surfaced from these conversations we believe will help you and your teams navigate the upcoming weeks and months. 

Companies are going to fall in one of two buckets: needing to hire at scale or hiring with a large influx of applicants.


Companies are going to fall in one of two buckets: needing to hire at scale or hiring with a large influx of applicants.  Regardless of the bucket they fall into, or if they jump between buckets, companies need to focus on automating the top of the funnel.  There are two concepts that are key in top of the funnel automation:

1. Bring the application to the candidate.
2. Send the completed application to the ATS and into candidate workflow.

To reach the most qualified candidates talent acquisition teams need to be sure to have native apply or hosted applications on job sites like, Indeed.  For companies hiring at scale, leveraging Indeed Apply, with screener questions delivered into their ATS, will reduce friction by leveraging candidates already stored data, capture a complete application and receive the benefit of at least 3X increase in conversion rates and as much as a 50% reduction in CPAs.  This is actual JobSync client data cross industries and representative of large and mid-sized organizations.

This is literally a hiring silver bullet when you need to hire hundreds of people in a short period of time.

For companies managing a large influx of applications finding the quality candidate is key.  By using native apply tools and keeping candidates on the job site along with leveraging qualifying screener questions the best candidates apply and the applications are delivered directly into the ATS candidate workflow.  Why are they the best candidates?  According to Indeed, companies that use Indeed Apply see an 88% increase in qualified candidates.  Based on our client’s experience at JobSync, we believe this is because the most qualified candidates are most impacted by the friction of clicking off to an ATS apply page. We can also confirm from our clients that their quality of candidates has increased when implementing native apply tools.

Right now, more than ever, focusing time and resources on the best candidates for the position is key.  Some ATSs support integrations into Indeed Apply but it is not just about Indeed it’s about getting native apply applications for all the places jobs are distributed. This is what JobSync does for our clients.  This is why we at JobSync are working with companies like McDonalds and Hello Fresh to automate the top of the funnel for their recruiting teams.  And, we are doing it quickly bringing this type of automation in a matter of days in some cases. 


One of the keys to success is automating the top of the funnel in order to scale hiring efficiently or to manage a large influx of applications at the top of the funnel.

Think Like A Marketer

Great marketing teams are able to be everywhere and be highly relevant and personal to their customers with very small teams in contrast to the number of people they reach. They automate the top of the funnel similar to the way we described earlier and they ensure their message is going to resonate with their ideal customer.  The fundamentals are knowing what parts of the top of the funnel to automate and when to bring in highly skilled partners. This is the same model recruiters need to understand in order to scale hiring efficiently or to manage a large influx of applications at the top of the funnel.

The goal is to attract the best quality candidates and filter them out in an effective way from unqualified candidates.  

One of the ways to start and one of the best ways to bring additional automation into your process is outsourcing the job description.  Of the items marketers routinely outsource is ad creative.  They find great partners who make this their business and spend less time on creating content and more time on measuring and converting the bottom of the funnel.  Job descriptions are a recruiter’s content. 

Whether it is job descriptions or ads; the best content attracts the most likely to convert customers or most qualified applicants.  There are great companies out there that make writing job descriptions their business.  One of our favorites is Talvista.  Your job description is the first interaction candidates have with your brand in the hiring process. It’s so important to have an inclusive, informative and compliant job description to attract the most qualified candidates.


One of the things that separates good marketers from great marketers is communicating to the right person at the right time in the right way with the right message.  Marketers know how to keep leads warm and re-engage with them when the right opportunity comes along.

Today’s unqualified candidate could be tomorrow’s top qualified candidate.  

It is a lot easier to re-engage with someone you have already communicated with vs. creating a new relationship. 

One of the ways we have seen companies really do this well is by integrating texting into their screening process.  By having a preliminary interview with a candidate over text companies can create immediate contact with candidates within hours of receiving their application and move them out or down the funnel faster.  While this had been growing prior to our current need for social distancing it is one of the best tools to leverage right now to engage early on with candidates. 

One of the pieces to great communication via text message is to automate but, keep it personal.  What do we mean by this? 

Step 1: Outsource candidate texting and have it triggered automatically in your candidate workflow.
Step 2: Engage your applicant with a live person not a bot.

One of the best companies that does this well is WorkHere WorkHere engages with applicants over text with people, not bots, and delivers to recruiters pre-screened quality candidates.  This gets recruiters out of the inbox and interacting with pre-screened candidates faster and more efficiently.

For those needing to hire at scale WorkHere clients can realize up to a 10X conversion.

Texting is also a great way to stay in touch with applicants who may be a good fit in the future or former employees.

Even in the Covid world many of the most qualified candidates are still passive candidates.

Scale Social Recruiting

With millions and millions of people spending well over 30 minutes a day on Facebook getting in front of this audience is important.  What is also important is doing it the right way.  For companies that need to scale the right way one of the best ways to increase applicants is organic Facebook jobs with custom screener questions and applications delivered outside of Messenger.

For companies that need to manage application flow it doesn’t mean turning off the hoses and it doesn’t mean limiting the channels to recruit from.  Why?  You’re still looking for the most qualified candidates. Even in the Covid world many of the most qualified candidates for some positions are employed and are still passive candidates. Ask anyone who is recruiting for developers, truck drivers or nurses.  Facebook jobs is one of the best ways to get in front of passive candidates and, when done right, Facebook jobs requires little maintenance. 

For our clients that need to scale hiring Facebook has become their second largest source of quality candidates. 

For those clients that are looking for quality candidates our clients are hiring from Facebook and overall driving a much much lower CPA.  We have clients realizing up to a 50% reduction in CPA.  This is key for everyone but more importantly for those that have seen a reduction in their recruiting budgets.

This is one of our automation sweet spots at JobSync.  We get our clients’ jobs on Facebook with screener questions and deliver complete applications outside of Facebook Messenger. 


Forks in the road

These are just some of the ways our clients and our partners clients are achieving their goals right now.  There will continue to be forks in the road as we all are in the process of re-imagining our hiring process. With this in mind, we have started a weekly 30-minute webinar series where we bring together resources and real-world examples of companies tackling these problems.  Together we can write the new hiring playbook.  For more information, to watch previously recording sessions or to receive information on the webinar series click here.


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