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JobSync is the smart apply solution that significantly improves the 5% apply rate.  With JobSync your clients are able to leverage native apply tools, like Indeed Apply and social sites like Facebook, by adding custom questions creating a complete application.  JobSync then pushes the complete application into your client’s ATS and candidate workflow in near real time complete with source tracking.  JobSync also integrates with your client’s programmatic platform or your agency’s platform.

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Reduction in CPA

A well known trucking company’s results after just 4 weeks with JobSync.

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Let us show you how we can connect your ATS to native apply tools like Indeed Apply and sites like Facebook so you can bring your application to the candidate! Then let JobSync deliver to your ATS a complete application in real time.

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JobSync reduces applicant drop-off by up to 75%. Delivers completed applications to your ATS almost immediately. Use JobSync to close the gap between your job page and ATS.

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- Talent Rise

This is a problem that we’ve had since, it seems like, the dawn of Internet recruiting time…It’s a ‘keep it simple, stupid’ kind of platform, login free, pricing is easy. So from my standpoint…you get big applause.

Chad Sowash

- The Chad & Cheese Podcast

JobSync solves the problem of applications going directly into a recruiter’s inbox by automating the native apply process right into your ATS. This can not only increase quality candidates by up to 8X but also reduces costs and time to hire since candidates can submit their application with ease. “

Olivia Yongue

- VP, Client Strategy at Recruitics

Do you use Indeed or Facebook Jobs? Using their native apply option results in all applications ending up in your email instead of your ATS. JobSync solves this…without needing to click one, two, three, or four times to end up at your landing page or ATS, and simultaneously sends the input correctly to your ATS. Two birds with one stone.

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