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“While JobSync is a new company, our roots run deep in the Talent Acquisition space, and our dedication to all of the stakeholders in the ecosystem is held with the greatest degree of commitment. With 1,000s of service providers serving millions of companies, creating efficient, effective, and scalable workflow solutions is harder than ever. Our service oriented, ‘always say yes’ mindset guides our decision making, empowers our team, and ultimately enables us to support our community. Our goal is to help build a more connected Talent Acquisition ecosystem, helping people find rewarding work and companies find the talent they need to thrive!”

-Alex Murphy, CEO

Our Vision

Creating a simple, seamless, and secure hiring experience for employers and candidates.

Our Mission

To connect the Talent Acquisition ecosystem, reducing friction for candidates, recruiters, employers, and vendors.

Our Core Principles

JobSync’s principles center around our desire to deliver world class experiences for all of the stakeholders in Talent Acquisition. We are driven to enable amazing experiences for the Candidate, the Recruiter & the TA leadership Team, the Job Board Operator, the ATS, TA tech vendors and everyone in the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem by reducing friction, increasing transparency and providing fair pricing, world class security with data protection and privacy.


Our goal is to make every integration customized for your HR Tech stack.  Our team is always accessible to build and adjust your syncs. 


We solve for the individual syncing needs of TA teams, their organizations and job platforms.  If we don’t have what you need already we’ll build it!


Smart data syncing enables our clients to automate their HR Tech stack and deliver data where they need it the most, reduce friction and provide a better candidate and recruiter experience. 


As organizations and applicants have higher data security requirements JobSync fills the gap by securing applicant data across the Talent Acquisition EcoSystem.


We are a team of HR Tech problem solvers.  From all corners of the Talent Acquisition industry our team uniquely understands the day to day challenges of connecting the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem and are committed to improving the experience for all stakeholders.


From the candidate, to the recruiter, to the TA Leader, to the job site operator, to the recruitment agency, to our team we put PEOPLE first. Delivering a best in class experience.


And, we can’t do all this Syncing if we don’t take time to look up from our screens and have some fun! Even Covid can’t keep us down!

Our Team

Our team stretches across 14 hours of time zones, 4 countries, in both the northern and southern hemisphere. Collectively, our leadership team has over 70 years serving the Talent Acquisition ecosystem.

Experienced Leadership

Alex Murphy, CEO

David Bernstein, VP Sales

Amy Warren, VP Marketing

John Bell, Executive Director

Our Advisors

Sushant Mohanty

Jennifer Farris

Dave Hare

Awards and Accolades

What Others Have to Say

JobSync reduces applicant drop-off by up to 75%. Delivers completed applications to your ATS almost immediately. Use JobSync to close the gap between your job page and ATS.

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- Talent Rise

This is a problem that we’ve had since, it seems like, the dawn of Internet recruiting time…It’s a ‘keep it simple, stupid’ kind of platform, login free, pricing is easy. So from my standpoint…you get big applause.

Chad Sowash

- The Chad & Cheese Podcast

Qualified candidates faster...

“JobSync has given us a competitive advantage for sourcing talent. In one week, our applications went up 304% from Indeed alone. Facebook went from the bottom of our source list to the top 8 given the increased exposure and ease of application. JobSync has removed the friction in our apply process and saved recruiter time by powering our complete application on Facebook and Indeed including custom questions and then delivering application data to our ATS. We are able to get to a slate of qualified candidates faster and source from sites like Facebook and Indeed more efficiently.”

Rita Kelly, Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition, Acelero Learning

JobSync solves the problem of applications going directly into a recruiter’s inbox by automating the native apply process right into your ATS. This can not only increase quality candidates by up to 8X but also reduces costs and time to hire since candidates can submit their application with ease. “

Olivia Yongue

- VP, Client Strategy at Recruitics

Do you use Indeed or Facebook Jobs? Using their native apply option results in all applications ending up in your email instead of your ATS. JobSync solves this…without needing to click one, two, three, or four times to end up at your landing page or ATS, and simultaneously sends the input correctly to your ATS. Two birds with one stone.

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