A Tale of Two…

by | Mar 24, 2020

This week we found ourselves at a crossroads

hunker down or double down.  Like many other businesses, we participated in a number of the webinars that spun up last week on crisis management, brand marketing, sales and overall managing in these new times.  The most interesting discussion was listening to decision makers as they described their next steps in either hunker down or double down terms. 


Maybe it is our start-up mentality,

or maybe it is that our leadership has weathered the cold war, a generation of war in Iraq, 9/11, the great recession and the deaths of Kurt Cobain and Steve Jobs, but were not the hunker down types.  We’ve been laid off, survived the Y2K bug and the end of the world in 2012 and we know this Pandemic too shall pass. So of course, we are doubling down. But it certainly is not business as usual.


We’ve gladly refrained…

from sending out the our response to the corona virus email.  We have reached out to our clients personally making sure we are continuing to meet their current needs and their anticipated needs.  We have continued to support each other and swap personal stories of unexpected trips to move kids back from college and have all gladly hunkered down in our personal lives as most of us are under stay at home orders 


We are focused on helping…

clients who are experiencing unprecedented and unexpected growth and working to meet their hiring goals.  We are helping clients in the industries that are suffering and helping them do more with less.


We are taking calls. 

We have talked with companies whose services we anticipate needing over the next few weeks and months.  We are doing our best to refocus time and resources now that the conferences we were planning on attending have been cancelled.  And overall…


We are looking for opportunities to partner, to grow, and to help.