2022 Recruiting Predictions

by | Nov 3, 2021

The roundtable is back!

 The news cycle on workforce trends is like a revolving door – and its influence on candidate’s expectations and behavior is real. Hybrid work and remote options are top of mind for candidates, the service industry took a major hit, minimum wage is on the rise , and eCommerce jobs are growing in demand. What does this mean for the future of work? We decided to dive right in and round out the year by pulling out our crystal ball and giving our predictions for recruiting in 2022.

Our featured guest for our final roundtable of the year is Brian Fink, Senior Technical Recruiter at Twitter. Brian has seen his fair share of changes, trends, high and low points in the world of talent acquisition over the last 365 days and he’s sharing his insights, predictions, and even fears for the future of recruiting.

  • How will the Great Resignation (or the Great Realignment) roll into 2022?
  • What best practices are we leaving behind and what new ones are we using moving forward?
  • What companies should we keep an eye on and why? [Hint, Brian works for Twitter.]



Meet our featured guest

Brian Fink

Brian Fink

Senior Technical Recruiter, Twitter

With 10+ years of specialized recruiting experience, Brian has helped a wide range of professionals ranging from entry-level candidates (new grads) to C-Suite executives take the next step up in their careers and stretch their professional capabilities.

As a true “head-hunter”​, he excels at direct recruiting, direct sourcing, and aligning opportunities to professionals.