Are you MISSING over 75 % of your qualified applicants?

If you aren’t using native apply on your job postings,
then the answer is YES.

Today companies take a candidate from a platform, like Indeed, to a company job page and then to an ATS.  In many instances requiring candidates to duplicate entries. 

Native Apply tools remove this friction.

Increase quality candidates by up to 8X!

  • Companies using Indeed's Native Apply solution, Indeed Apply, move up in the search results and appear on more mobile searches.
  • Enabling native apply solutions reduces costs and reduces time to hire.
  • Native apply solutions can be enabled in minutes for many enterprise ATS solutions by using JobSync.


What is native apply?

Native Apply is the candidate experience on job sites, like Indeed and Facebook Jobs, where the candidate starts and completes the entire application on the job site without clicking off.  Fully integrated native apply processes include all of the custom screening questions, EEO questions, and the ability to capture permission & acknowledgments like employer privacy policies. 

Many times the challenge for employer adoption of Native Apply is the completed application is emailed to the employer.  Email is not scalable. 

With JobSync the email problem is solved and completed applications are delivered directly into an employer's ATS in near real time.

Did you know enabling native apply solutions increases your job visibility?

Native apply solutions also attract more qualified candidates.

In just a few minutes JobSync can enable all the native apply solutions that align with your recruitment strategy right in your ATS!

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Learn how JobSync can increase your applicants by 8X!

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