Making a great apply experience.

Employers no longer need to have candidates click-off to provide a complete application directly into their ATS.  With JobSync employers reduce CPA and reduce time to hire by keeping candidates on the jobsite.

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It All Starts at the Top!

JobSync focuses at the top of the funnel and expands apply tools on sites like Indeed, Facebook and Monster to include custom questions, EEO compliance and even e-signature.  Employers no longer need to have candidates click-off to provide a complete application directly into their ATS.  Removing this friction insures the most qualified candidates apply, increases the apply rate and reduces time to hire by streamlining the apply process at the top of the funnel.

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JobSync Recruitment Marketing Roundtable

The Power of Automation

Thursday, September 24th, 11 am ET

Join JobSync as we talk with Daniel Sines CEO and Founder, Traitify and Drew Austin CEO and Founder, Wade and Wendy as they take us on a journey exploring the power of automation in talent acquisition.  We will discuss how automation can be used to expand the capabilities of recruiters, while at the same time enhancing the candidate experience and making it more personal.

From sharing curated content with candidates based on their unique personality traits, to intelligently building a pipeline of candidates for a position, attendees will learn:

  • How to create ongoing engagement.
  • How to focus a recruiter’s limited time.
  • What is on the forefront of these capabilities.

Attendees will be able to share their own automation experiences and ask questions live.

No sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation!

We build the data pipes.

JobSync builds the data connections needed between an employer’s ATS and apply tools like Indeed Apply.  JobSync also gets applications out of Facebook Messenger and into an employer’s ATS in near real-time.

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JobSync Talent Acquisition Battlefield World Startup Tournament Winner!

50% Reduction in CPA

By leveraging JobSync with Indeed Apply,

a top national trucking company reduced

their CPA, increased quality applicants

and reduced time to hire.

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90% Reduction in CPA

National fast casual restaurant chain powering their Facebook jobs with JobSync achieved a 90% reduction in CPA and closed their hiring gap with Facebook becoming their second largest source of hires.

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We bring the application to the candidate.

Did you know people spend an average of 30 minutes a day on Facebook?  Did you know there is no cost to post to Facebook Jobs? Did you know JobSync adds custom questions, a full resume and delivers a complete Facebook application into your ATS?  From retail to highly skilled workers our clients are finding success hiring from Facebook.  

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Developers & Engineers Found!

Global online travel company powers their Facebook jobs with JobSync and hires highly skilled developers and engineers helping to achieve hiring goals in difficult to source categories.

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Candidates Are Consumers

Give them an experience that makes sense.

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Let us show you how we can connect your ATS to native apply tools like Indeed Apply and sites like Facebook so you can bring your application to the candidate! Then let JobSync deliver to your ATS a complete application in real-time.

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